Things have been utterly mad round here for the last fortnight or so. I lost a friend, it’s still raw, it still hurts, and I really cannot describe just how much I hate cancer. But what’s helping me through that is that my fiance and I have adopted two gorgeous, five month old kittens from the local RSPCA shelter.

I mean, just look at their tiny faces! (Leia is the kitten on the right and Zelda is the kitten on the left being squished by her sister.)

They’re bundles of fuzz and affection and playfulness. They’ve also wrecked a pair of slippers and twice now managed to poo on the floor (finding the litter box isn’t all that easy sometimes).

They came into our lives at the right time, lets put it that way.

I read that when you bring kittens home, you should establish a “safe room” to keep them in, a safe place free from the general traffic of the home while they get used to you. This meant I spent quite a lot of time in their room, reading while they explored the space around me. It meant I finally, finally, finished the last book in the Temeraire series:

The League of Dragons

I genuinely don’t really know how I feel about this one. Overall I think I enjoyed it. I think it was a reasonably fitting end to a great series – Temeraire and Laurence were a delight as ever, although they didn’t really spend a great deal of time together – but there was just one thing that I really, really, really, hated.

The time skips.

Now, this happens in the other books too. I think it’s in the first book where a character is knocked unconscious and the story picks up again two or three days later when they wake up. But it felt like it happened here a lot. And half the time I was left staring at the page wondering where the story had gone – I wanted to know what had happened damnit!

It really sucked out some of the enjoyment for me even though, logically, I know that including everything would’ve meant reading a book the size of The Song of Ice and Fire series. I get that less is more, but I still wanted…more.

Overall I do think I enjoyed it and I did like how it ended. But it’s not my favourite of the series.


Have you read The League of Dragons? Do you have any kitten owner advice for me? Let me know in the comments 🙂


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