I didn’t actually get chance to read over the weekend – family birthdays, baking and Valentine’s Day quickly ate up all my free time. But what I did manage to do was to set up another bookcase in my living room.

Which makes five bookcases at home and three still at my parents house. That’s normal, right? Right?!

I love setting up a new bookcase. There’s something very therapeutic about stacking shelves. It’s especially satisfying to put series together so they all look beautiful and sleek on the shelves. I used to work as a bookseller and once spent a very happy week completely sorting out and reshelving all the books in the children’s section. Although remerchandising the shelves in the store was a never-ending task – some customers especially enjoyed putting the books down the back of the bookcases. We’d find them six months later on our regular checks covered in dust and occasionally spiders. If you ever want to know who a bookseller is when you’re in a store, take a book off a freshly merchandised table and then put it down on the wrong pile. Whoever looks utterly horrified/resigned is likely the poor bookseller who just set up that book display.

Anyhoo! I set up my new bookcase (the large photo on the left) and realised that despite getting one stack of books off the floor I still have four stacks of books left (second photo from the bottom on the right). So I cleaned them up the other day, but now I’m thinking I may need to completely reorganise all the bookcases in the house with the aim to getting more of the books on shelves. They’re easier to see for a kick-off and there’s nothing worse than realising you want to read the book at the very bottom of the stack.

Looking at my shelves though I reckon I’ve got tons of unused space if I start stacking vertically – what do you reckon?
So how about you? What are your shelves looking like these days? Books stacked side-by-side (like mine) or vertically? I think it’s time to take a #shelfie 😉



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