The dilemma

Recently I spent an extraordinarily long period of time on trains (five hours there, five hours back) and it got me thinking about the perfect ratio of books to take away on holiday. I spent hours travelling and that basically adds up to a lot of reading time.

But this meant that before I went I had to spend ages staring at my bookcases (and book heaps…and kindle…) debating on how I was going to approach this.

In five hours I can theoretically read three books, but this depends on how long they are, how packed the train is, whether I’m expected to talk to people around me etc, plus there’s the return journey too. So I was thinking a potential six books to pick out.

This is not including books to read while I was there.

The Inky Bumblebee travelsThe decision

You can see from the photo that what I eventually (reluctantly) did was take my kindle (the turquoise-pink patterned thing is my homemade kindle cover) but I took a physical ’emergency’ book with me too.

Mainly because if my kindle died on me I would have nothing to read, which would a hideous turn of events.

I’m not as keen on reading from a kindle though. I prefer physical books as they just have that certain something that you can’t get from a kindle; and there’s no battery to run out on you. Also some ebooks are formatted in HORRIBLE ways. Just sayin’. But until science gets on with creating TARDIS-like bags it really is the best solution when you need to have a lot of books with you.

And a giant bottle of water and some sweets. Travel snacks are important!

My emergency book

My emergency book was Paddle Your Own Canoe by Nick Offerman. Nick Offerman plays the fantastic Ron Swanson in Parks and Recreation. If you’ve not seen Parks and Recreation you should, it’s AMAZING! I love it and I may have marathoned the entire last series in a day.

Anyway, getting off track. Paddle Your Own Canoe is ‘one man’s fundamentals for delicious living’ that offers up life-lessons alongside anecdotes about Nick Offerman’s life. It’s fantastic. He’s a funny, engaging writer whose led a truly interesting life. And I really enjoyed his ideas of ‘delicious living’. Seriously, when I finished the book I had an urge to learn woodworking and to go home and immediately start a new sewing project. Plus I loved the illustrations that were peppered throughout the book.

He swears like a trooper throughout, so if that’s not your kind of thing maybe steer clear, however, I really loved this book. Whether you’re a fan of Parks and Recreation or not, Paddle Your Own Canoe is brilliant read.


So how about you? What’s your process for choosing your travel reads? Do you go down the kindle/e-reader route? Or do you buy the biggest doorstop of a book you can find to take with you? Let me know!


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