May has been a very strange month for me. Strange, stressful and filled with a distinct lack of free time. With one thing and another I’ve had very little time to do anything , and I’ve possibly signed more official documents in the past couple of weeks than I have all of last year.

I may have mentioned this before but my fiance and I are in the process of buying a house right now. In the beginning it was super-exciting! The hours spent addicted to the Rightmove and Zoopla apps, comparing photos with floorplans (love a good floorplan), visiting properties, imagining what life would be like living there, and finally the heady heights of finding The One and having the offer accepted. Wonderful! Marvelous! Fantastic!


Then comes the paperwork.


The endless, endless paperwork.


May has been the month of paperwork. I’ve read more legal documents than I have fiction this month, but the bulk of that is now behind me. Hurrah! Now I have a little more breathing space, I finally got to read Atlantia by Ally Condie (review coming on Tuesday) and I’m just about to start on the first book in Zoe Marriott’s The Name of the Blade series. I loved FrostFire so I’m really excited about this one.


Also, I made cake:


I wouldn’t normally photograph a plain cake for the world to see, but this one was a bit of an experiment. This cake, was an experiment in replacing butter with avocado. Partly to see if I could and partly because it feels like avocado goes off about three seconds after you cut into it.

My preferred method for baking a cake is to weigh the eggs in their shells first and then to match the quantities in butter, sugar, flour. So, for example, if the eggs weighed 158g, then I’d use 158g of butter, 158g of sugar and 158g of self-raising flour. It was a baking tip I saw on Pinterest once and it does actually make for a moister cake.

So, back to the avocado, according to this post by the Kitchn you should only really substitute half the butter with avocado unless you add some more wet ingredients into the mix to compensate. To be honest, I wanted to use up all the avocado , so it was more 80% avocado, 20% butter in the end, and I didn’t add any milk. Despite this it turned out quite well!

It came out with a brownie like texture, quite dense and moist with a nice-strange fresh aftertaste. As the lighting in my kitchen is extremely yellow, it’s not that easy to see but it does have a slight green tint to it too. It went down well with the guys at work, so it may be something I try again. Either way, it was a good way to use up my leftover avocado!


Anyhoo, so how’s your month of May going? Or have you tried avocado in baking before and have any tips for me? Let me know!


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