Two weeks ago I bought a copy of The Shepherd’s Crown by Terry Pratchett. As of today I finally finished it. Later I will do a proper review, but today…today it felt like my first blog post in a year should be something more.

I’ve been a fan of Terry Pratchett since I first read Guards, Guards aged 11 (it was my dad’s book and I was in the habit of reading whatever I could find on the bookshelves at home). Guards, Guards remains my absolute favourite of the Discworld series and it’s probably because it was the first one I read. The first one to introduce me to those amazing stories.

I was lucky enough to meet Terry Pratchett once, outside Winchester Cathedral. He had just been interviewed by my friend from the radio society and she was awesome enough to direct him my way when the interview was over.

I didn’t exactly come across as an eloquent human being.

What actually happened was I made a series of incoherent noises (the likes of which I don’t think I’ve made before or since), while he kindly signed my fresh new copy of Unseen Academicals and my battered, old copy of Guards, Guards. He was genuinely lovely to me and I will always be grateful.

So as soon as I knew The Shepherd’s Crown had been released I immediately went and bought a copy. I read as far as page 38, started crying* and put it down.

I had a lot of worries about this book. To put it simply it was the end of an era, those opening 38 pages read like a goodbye and I wasn’t ready to read that yet. But such is life.

I’ve finished it now and in many ways it is an end, a goodbye of sorts. But it’s a beginning too, a promise of future hopes and that, that made it pretty much perfect.


*Don’t find it alarming that I cried. Anyone who knows me can attest that everything makes me cry up to, and including, people being really nice to me.



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