Geek Girl

Title: Geek Girl
Author: Holly Smale

Who’s it aimed at? The younger end of the teen market

What’s it about? Harriet Manners is a geek. There’s no two ways about it. She’s got a head filled with amazing facts, but she struggles to work out why people at school seem to turn on her – especially Alexa who really wants to make her suffer. She’s not entirely alone – she does have her best friend Nat and stalker Toby by her side. But all this turns on its head when she’s talented spotted and pulled (somewhat reluctantly) into the world of modelling.

What’s good? Harriet is a really likable character and I loved all the facts that she comes out with. The thing I really, really, just adored was the relationship between Harriet and Annabel, it was refreshing to see a stepmother/stepdaughter relationship where the stepmother isn’t an evil witch. They genuinely cared for each other and I just thought it was lovely.

The portrayal of the modelling world is fascinating and Wilbur is delightfully eccentric. I have an uncontrollable urge to now go around calling various friends ‘my little crumpet of loveliness’.

What’s bad? Sugar cookies is a terrible swear word substitution. Every time Harriet said “oh sugar cookies!” it was like nails on a chalkboard for me. But that’s more of a personal preference and a very minor thing.

The Verdict? It’s a light, entertaining, fun read – one that will definitely teach you a whole host of weird and wonderful facts. There are several laugh out loud moments and characters you can’t fail to love – a definite winner!


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