The Night Sky in My Head

Title: The Night Sky in My Head
Author: Sarah Hammond

Who’s it for? The younger end of the teen market

What’s it about? Mikey Baxter suffered a serious head injury when he was younger – as the blurb says ‘the world sees him as damaged’ – but it’s left him with the ability to see the “Backwards”. The Backwards and it’s shadows haunt him, but there’s truth hidden that he has to uncover…

What’s good about it? This book has a lovely style – it’s written from Mikey’s perspective and there’s something quite touching about his somewhat innocent view on life. I loved the Backwards. It’s so simple and yet it works so well.

The ending to this hurts. The reveal is painful but in a good way.

Oh and Timmer! Timmer the dog is fairly awesome – I loved him, which is saying a lot considering dogs usually terrify me! He’s Mikey’s anchor to reality and he’s just fantastic!

What’s bad about it? As it’s told from Mikey’s perspective there are points in which the pace seems slow – when you’re sat there screaming the answers at him – but it’s because he hasn’t gotten there yet. It’s a little frustrating, but it’s worth pushing past it.

The verdict? This is lovely. Considering the subject matter, Sarah Hammond has written this with a gentle touch that works really well. There isn’t bucket loads of action here, but it’s a well written, well told story that is worth a read.


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