The Assassin's Curse - Strange Chemistry

Title: The Assassin’s Curse
Author: Cassandra Rose Clarke

Who’s it for? Teens!

What’s it about? Ananna – a pirate girl who escapes from an arranged marriage and makes a bid for freedom. Only her aggrieved former fiance sends an assassin after her and in the ensuing face off between Ananna and the assassin she activates a curse that binds them together.

What’s good about it? Ananna is a great, quirky character and I really liked the pattern of her speech. Plus there’s pirates and magic and ninja-like assassins! It’s a fairly killer combination. There’s some fascinating rules behind the use of magic and the different types of magic in this world that I very much enjoyed. There’s a lot to enjoy here a romance that’s not quite a romance, a lead character who is out of her depth without it being irritating – although aboard ships are where her strengths really shine and the contrast is lovely.

What’s bad about it? The blurb. I can’t believe I’m saying this but do not read the blurb before you read the book! It should have ended after the first paragraph seeing as how the second contains information that only comes up at the end of the book.

The verdict? This is a cracking read and one I thoroughly enjoyed. If you like stories involving pirates, or magic, or assassins you can’t go wrong here. I for one can’t wait for the second part ‘The Pirate’s Wish’ to come out!


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