Flying Blind - The Dragon Diaries 1

Title: Flying Blind
Author: Deborah Cooke
Series: The Dragon Diaries

Who’s it for? Teens, mid to younger end of the group

What’s it about? Zoe Sorensson is a teenager destined for greatness! She’s a Wyvern – the only female dragon shapeshifter in the Pyr – and capable of great things. Or so she’s been told. The reality is she’s yet to master changing her form and ends up attending the Pyr boot camp. But the Pyr are in danger from an old enemy and Zoe realises she has to master her powers or lose everything.

What’s good about it? Though Zoe starts out a bit… boy and puberty obsessed she does come into her own and the development of that was nicely done. The pacing is good with this too, there’s not much hanging around which was nice.

The dragonlore is pretty cool. I might be a bit of a sucker for a good dragon story and the Pyr have some nifty powers. Also they can change between dragon and human which never stops being awesome.

What’s bad about it? For all that the pacing is good and Zoe’s character improves, the first chapter demonstrates the opposite. There’s a lot of information relayed and Zoe seems to think only about boys. And also apparently has a ritual habit of checking whether or not she’s started her period, which I found odd.

The verdict? It’s dragon chick lit. Okay, so there’s more kicking arse and taking names going on towards the end than there is in chick lit normally, but there’s a lot of teenage relationship drama as well. There’s lots to like in this and it does make for a good read despite the odd niggle here and there.


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