Title: Fractured
Author: Teri Terry
Sequel to: Slated (find my review here)

What’s it about? Picking up right where ‘Slated’ left off, ‘Fractured’ follows Kyla as she searches for Ben whilst being caught between the Lorders and the fight for freedom, forced to make choices that could have devastating consequences.

And all the while dark secrets from before she was Slated threaten to rear their ugly heads – but Slateds’ shouldn’t remember their past…

What’s good about it? So much! Fractured really hits the ground running and the pace never lets up. Kyla’s  turmoil is well played and even though there are conflicting personas coming to the fore it doesn’t lead to confusion.

The underlying thread of Kyla’s search for Ben was nicely done and I loved that he wasn’t instantly forgotten in favour of some hefty plot twists.

I loved the return of one character thought lost! It played in really nicely with everything going on and I thought it made for some interesting character moments later on.

So much more is discovered about the Slateds in ‘Fractured’ and I really appreciated the extra detail.

What’s bad about it? I’m surprised Kyla didn’t pick up on the fact a certain character could be the traitor – I had him pegged from the get go. This is more an observation than an outright criticism but I thought that character was one to watch from his first appearance and was surprised Kyla dismissed them so quickly.

The verdict? This was a fantastic, gripping, thrilling read with some great plot twists and turns that opened up some massive questions about the nature of freedom fighting. There’s so much to love in this and I know I’ve been more than a little vague in what was good about it, but I’m trying not to spoil it too much!

I can’t wait for the third and final part of this trilogy because if this one is anything to go by it’s going to be one hell of a story!


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