Legend - Legend

Title: Legend
Author: Marie Lu
Series: Legend (Book One)

Who’s it for? Teens

What’s it about? Day is a wanted criminal. But anonymity has kept him safe ever since he turned to a life of crime. His skills allow him to live on the streets to provide for himself, young tag-a-long Tess and for his family – all of whom think he’s dead save for his older brother.
June is a rising star in the Republic, a prodigy, living a good life till her brother is murdered by Day. She vows to track him down and bring him to justice.
But not everything is what it seems.

What’s good about it? June is pretty damned awesome. She’s unashamedly strong and capable – you’ve got to love someone who gets the job done, not because of luck, but because she’s just that good.

Day is capable too, but in a quieter way. There was something I liked about his Robin Hood tendencies, but it did make certain parts a wee bit predictable. His dedication to his family and Tess was admirable. His love for them made for some heartbreaking moments.

I did enjoy the vision of the future it presented. Enjoy is perhaps the wrong word as its a fairly bleak imagining but it was a detailed one as far as their daily lives went.

What’s bad about it? It was predictable. Not all of it, no, but enough to kill any sense of tension at certain points. But I will concede I have read a ridiculous amount of YA dystopian fiction at this point and that could be why I found parts so predictable.

The verdict? This doesn’t so much grip you, as draw you in so gradually you barely realise you’re hooked. It’s a good, if a little predictable, read. June and Day are great, capable characters although their romance was a little too instantaneous to begin with. The world is interesting and there’s so much left unanswered by the end that I would be interested to read the sequel. Not the best dystopia I’ve read, but a solid read nonetheless.


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