Paper Aeroplanes - Paper Aeroplanes

Title: Paper Aeroplanes
Author: Dawn O’Porter

Who’s it for? Teens

What’s it about? It’s 1994 in Guernsey. Flo is friends with the domineering, horrible Sally, whilst Renee tags along with Carly and Gem. They weren’t really supposed to be friends but Renee and Flo are united by their unseen similarities and events beyond their control. It’s the power of friendship at a time when anything can happen.

What’s good about it? Flo and Renee are amazing. Hands down amazing. I loved Flo best though, even though Renee is very loveable too.

Despite the material covered there’s a lovely gentleness to the writing and the tone of the book that was surprisingly gripping.

I liked how the various issues were covered too, there was nothing patronising about it which was great. Their actions weren’t demonised but they weren’t encouraged either and with things like that – concerning relationships anyway – it’s a hard line to walk.

Sally is hideous. But not in a moustache twirling, cheesy kind of way. No, she was a believably hideous character with depth.

What’s bad about it? Nothing really.

The verdict? This is a gorgeous testament to the power of friendship. There’s so much to love in this and it moves beautifully from funny to achingly sad in a heartbeat. It’s a brilliant look at teenage sexual relationships too, and how lust can truly be blind. The intertwining relationships between Flo, Renee and everyone else were done so well.

It’s a fantastic read, one that’ll keep you gripped. Highly recommended.


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