Title: Crewel
Author: Gennifer Albin
Series: Crewel World

Who’s it for? Teens

What’s it about? Adelice’s parents have dedicated their lives to teaching her how to fail the test, the test that will determine if she will be chosen as a spinster, one of a group of women who can weave the very fabric of reality. It’s normally a sought after proposition, but Adelice’s parents know differently. However, all their training fails when Adelice accidentally performs a skilled weave during her test … on a loom that’s not even switched on.
Wrenched from her family and forced into life as a spinster Adelice rapidly realises that there is more going on than she could possibly imagine, and more danger than she ever knew.

What’s good about it? The premise!! The premise is AMAZING!! There is a literal fabric of time and space and the girls can weave it – toy with it even according to the whims of the Guild. It helps them structure everything in the lives of the people. There is nothing I don’t love about the premise of this.

The purity standard the population are held to is quite interesting – as is the age old question of where babies come from; it’s not quite so simple in this world where all pregnancies must first be approved.

I did enjoy the world building, even more so because of the premise behind it, which just made everything extra shiny.

Adelice is a fascinating character although she can at times be really, really blind to how she sounds when she’s dealing with people – it does make for some interesting interactions. Oh and I really loved Enora, Adelice’s mentor.

The writing style is lovely too.

What’s bad about it? Not much. Although it is one you need to concentrate for because there is a lot of information that comes your way. If you don’t then it can rapidly get very confusing.

I found the burgeoning love triangle to be a little… meh. I wasn’t that fussed, but I did love Jost as a character.

The verdict? I loved it. The premise to this is brilliant and really it should almost be read for that alone. It is luckily backed by some great characters and it all comes to an ending which does make you desperate for the next book! There’s a lot of promise in this which I really hope is explored more in the next book and beyond.


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