Title: Skinny
Author: Donna Cooner

Who’s it for? Teens

What’s it about? Ever Davies is fifteen and weighs three hundred and two pounds. She’s miserable, trapped in her own body and taunted daily by the comments of others and the insults from that voice in her head: Skinny. But when she finally decides to take control of her weight she learns there’s more to it than just changing the physical… especially with Skinny whispering in her ear.

What’s good about it? So much. So, so much. Ever is brilliant even in her doubts and her fears. She’s very easy to relate to and the poisonous whispers of Skinny – the voice in her head – is something I can identify with all too easily. In fact, I think most people can relate to that, that voice that tells you you’re ugly, stupid and worthless.

Rat, however, is my favourite character hands down. He’s a quirky and charming character, and his final lines  were just brilliant.

There’s a lot to love in this, particularly characters that don’t fit neatly into boxes of good and bad – they’re just people. Alright, some might be crueler than others but no one is irredeemably nasty.

The way Ever fights through the enormous challenge she faces is quite inspiring. As someone who also loves musicals I particularly enjoyed her end goals for the weight loss, and the way she tracked her moods using songs.

What’s bad about it? Nothing really.

The verdict? This was a wonderful read, sweetly compelling and so very easy to relate to. The gastric bypass surgery isn’t glorified, or made to sound like a quick fix – it’s not an easy way out and I liked that it showed the hardships of it. The message was uplifting and hopeful – it’s hard not to feel inspired by Ever and what she goes through. There’s much to love in this story.


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