Title: Slated
Author: Teri Terry
Who’s it for? Teens
What’s it about? A 16 year old girl called Kyla, who doesn’t remember a thing.  No this isn’t a book about amnesia, Kyla is one of the slated. A criminal who has had her mind erased in order to give her a fresh start in life. All the slated wear a Levo – a device that tracks the wearer’s emotional state – meaning any slated whose Levo reading drops too low can be knocked out or, in extreme cases, killed.
So far so unsettling.
But Kyla’s different. Kyla’s remembering, remembering things she shouldn’t. And that’s really where things start to go wrong…

What’s good about it? It lives up to it’s brilliant premise! The Levo is a fantastic concept, and I love Kyla’s interactions with everything to begin with as she experiences life outside the facility for the first time. Especially her adopted sister Amy teaching her to do something as simple as opening a car door. But there are parts of this that are genuinely creepy and it’s very difficult to put down!
What’s bad about it? Nothing really, other than the love interest between Ben and Kyla being a bit swift  but that’s negligible.
The verdict? I loved this. It’s got great pacing, a fantastic premise, and brilliant characters – what more could you want? I’ll be reviewing the sequel Fractured later in the month.  I can’t wait!


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