Pants Are Everything

Title: Pants are Everything
Author: Mark Lowery
Series: It’s sequel to Socks Are Not Enough
Published: 4/7/13

Who’s it for? Teens, although again, the older end of 9-12 would probably like this.

What’s it about? Picking up where ‘Socks Are Not Enough’ left off, Michael Swarbrick is again swinging from one disaster to the next. Owing to (almost) no fault of his own he’s facing expulsion from school, he’s become an internet sensation and, to top it all off, he’s lost Lucy as a friend. Plus, to add to everything, Ste has returned from abroad seemingly a changed man – but there’s something a little suspect about all that …

What’s good about it? It’s just as funny as the last one! Several parts had me giggling like a fool and Michael’s outlook on life had me smiling most of the way through.

I still love Michael. He’s a great character even if he is in absolute utter denial about his minor stalking of Lucy King (he has a scrapbook dedicated to her … that includes an old, bloody plaster. Yes, that made me shudder too). It’s a fairly enormous U-turn though, for him to be believed a prude in the first book, to be suddenly considered a nudist by everyone in the second. It works. Just. It helps that his mum seems to completely lose the plot every time nudism is mentioned.

Ste. Ste is complicated. Well, not really, he just seems that way. I still come out of the story wanting to punch him in the face. In the first book I wanted to slap him, he’s upgraded himself in this – charming fellow that he is.

Chas is actually more competent in this! It was nice to see what he was doing working better this time round. Also, it gave more chances for Miss O’Malley to be even more awesome! Love her.

What’s bad about it? Joan Swarbrick. She was annoying in the previous book and she’s still annoying now.  The adults are all frustrating in how they find it so easy to blame Michael and completely love Ste – despite everything that happened the first time round!

The verdict? I requested a copy of this in exchange for an honest review. So I’ll be honest. This is a great read, it’s funny and I loved the style of it – this time written as part of Michael’s ‘Working for a Second Chance’ punishment. Michael is, once again, a great character, and I really enjoyed how the other characters were given a chance to shine – there’s a little more time spent with Paul and some fantastic character development for Dave King.

Despite a rundown in the opening of everything that’s happened to Michael, it’s still difficult to predict where the story’s going – parts are hilariously bonkers – but that makes the ending all the better and disarmingly sweet.

In a word: fun!

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