Title: Poltergeeks
Author: Sean Cummings
Series: Poltergeeks (Book one)

Who’s it for? Teens

What’s it about? Julie is a witch. A trainee witch to be more precise under the careful watch of her mother – powerful witch in her own right. But when an elderly neighbour is jettisoned by a poltergeist across her front garden, Julie finds that this seemingly random event leads her down a path that results in her entering a fight to save her mother’s life.

What’s good about it? Quite a lot!

The main characters in this are brilliant. I loved Julie – she’s quirky, fun, a little arrogant, but self aware enough to realise when she’s losing focus on her priorities. There were moments when I’d be getting annoyed that she was thinking about her romantic life when her mother’s dying in a hospital bed and then she’d pull it right back and acknowledge that her priority wasn’t her love life at this point in time. She’s brave and sarcastic and it made for a really interesting character.

I have to say though, I adored Marcus. He’s loyal to a fault, brilliantly smart and sticks by Julie no matter what. I liked his scientific mind coming up against the reasonably unexplainable magic performed by Julie and her mother.

The relationship between Julie and her mother is great! They fight and Julie chaffs under her mum’s control sometimes, but there is genuine love there and their relationship does read like it’s just been them against the world for a long time. Less impressed with Julie’s relationship with her other family member, but we’ll see how that develops as the series goes on.

They mention Star Wars. Several times. It’s awesome.

There’s the merest whiff of a love triangle, which never developed – and it was wonderful. I’m always happy when there’s not a needless love triangle.

What’s bad about it? I was a touch disappointed by the way certain events were explained at the end. Just a little as it all seemed a smidge convoluted. But it was only minor disappointment.

The verdict? This was a really enjoyable read. It had fun, sarcastic, wonderfully brave main characters and the ideas behind witchcraft and how it fit into the world were interesting to read. Several moments were genuinely creepy, the scene at the school was particularly disturbing in how things played out. It’s an interesting start to the series and I’d definitely say people should give this one a go.

Roll on book two!

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