Socks Are Not Enough

Title: Socks Are Not Enough
Author: Mark Lowery
Series: Not sure if it’s going to be a series, but there’s definitely a sequel! ‘Pants Are Everything

Who’s it for? Younger teens.

What’s it about? Michael Swarbrick is having the worst time of his life. Owing to a strange series of events – which are absolutely NOT his fault – including his parents announcing they’re nudists and his brother, Ste, being entirely creative with the truth, he finds himself put into mandatory counselling by the school.

What’s good about it? I really liked how the story was told. It’s not a straightforward telling, it’s a series of things written down by Michael during his ‘Dealing with Feelings’ sessions and later with added transcripts from his ‘Chats with Chas’.

It’s hilarious. It veers between laugh out loud moments and ones which are darker in tone but are still really funny.

Michael is brilliant! Alright, so he’s a little oddly shaped and has a minor addiction to custard creams that I cannot understand (clearly the bourbon biscuit is vastly superior to the foul custard cream), but he’s wonderfully funny and completely in denial about stalking Lucy King. Also I didn’t pick up on this the first time I read it, but he doesn’t use contractions when he speaks (well, to begin he doesn’t, later on however…), which I thought was a neat device.

There’s something delightfully slimy about Ste too, although he does deserve a sharp slap to the face.

What’s bad about it? He has terrible choice in biscuits.

Also, his mum is frustrating in how little she realises what a total toad her eldest son is. She’s not a particularly likeable character.

The verdict? This is hilarious! A great read, not too long either – I got through it reasonably quickly. I thought the style of the book was well done and it had some great characters – Michael is by far the best one, but then again he should be, it’s his story.

It’s a brilliant, quirky read that comes to a conclusion that you definitely don’t see coming!

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