In which I adopt kittens and read The League of Dragons

Things have been utterly mad round here for the last fortnight or so. I lost a friend, it’s still raw, it still hurts, and I really cannot describe just how much I hate cancer. But what’s helping me through that is that my fiance and I have adopted two gorgeous, five month old kittens from the local RSPCA shelter.

I mean, just look at their tiny faces! (Leia is the kitten on the right and Zelda is the kitten on the left being squished by her sister.)


The bookworm’s conundrum: how many books to take on holiday

The dilemma

Recently I spent an extraordinarily long period of time on trains (five hours there, five hours back) and it got me thinking about the perfect ratio of books to take away on holiday. I spent hours travelling and that basically adds up to a lot of reading time.

But this meant that before I went I had to spend ages staring at my bookcases (and book heaps…and kindle…) debating on how I was going to approach this.

In five hours I can theoretically read three books, but this depends on how long they are, how packed the train is, whether I’m expected to talk to people around me etc, plus there’s the return journey too. So I was thinking a potential six books to pick out.

This is not including books to read while I was there.