Me and my fiancé have just bought our first home together. This is the scariest grown-up thing I’ve done for a while, but it means upgrading from our teeny one bed flat together to an actual house. A house!

That distant sound of cheering you can hear is my parents celebrating. They’re celebrating because it means that I will finally be able to shift the rest of my stuff from their house to my new abode.

And by rest of my stuff, I mean 3 bookcases, half a ton of books and a tub of Lego.

Those bookcases, plus the four already in my flat and the wall of books which don’t fit on the current bookcases, means I’ve got an awful lot of books to shift.

With that in mind, plus the rest of our collection of stuff, we’ve got a lot to do in order to move. So there’ll be no blog posts for a little while till we get in and get the internet set up… then I may post about restacking my shelves with my finally reunited book collection – hurrah!

If you’ve got any good moving tips let me know in the comments!

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